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In July 2023, Curae Pharma360 and Angels for Change began working to catalyze change in the underlying economics for Generic Oncology Lifesaving Drugs (“Project GOLD”). Project GOLD’s objective is to reset the economic drivers of shortages that have plagued essential generic medicines for years, ensuring access for physicians and patients. The project’s partnership approach is designed to increase capacity and access to specific, low margin products, and incentivize manufacturing and distribution for vulnerable products that are at risk of or in shortage.

Our initiative acts protectively of patients while aiming to solve four main challenges surrounding the crisis: manufacturing incentives, lack of coordinated information, lack of just-in-case supply, and disparity in shortage access, especially in the cancer clinic space (1) where most Americans receive cancer treatment (2).

The marketplace “does not recognize incentives and motives” and “enduring solutions would require multi-stakeholder involvement and rethinking business practices.”
- FDA Drug Shortage: Root Problems and Possible Solutions Report, 2019




Why Project GOLD

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